Q: Is removing old trees good?

A: Removing one older tree often allows several smaller, younger ones to flourish. Younger trees also absorb more nitrogen than older trees, which helps clean an ecosystem’s air and water. Cutting down older trees also creates room for planting new saplings.

Q: What are the consequences of tree removal?

A: In addition to the destruction of habitat, a reduction in the number of trees in an area results in an increase in the amount of glasshouse gases that can be released into the air. Forests in good health operate as valuable carbon sinks because of their ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Q: How do you prepare for tree removal?

A: o if you have any breakable items near the tree such as plant pots or furniture, move these out of the way or to a different location. If your tree removal service has to move items themselves, it will make the process longer and you may receive further charges for the additional time.

Q: Do trees make property more valuable?

A: In short, the proximity of healthy, beautiful trees directly affects property value. Good tree cover increased property prices by about 7 percent in residential areas and 18 percent for building lots. Quality landscapes with healthy trees can increase retail spending from 9 to 12 percent.

Q: Why is tree removal services important?

A: Trying to cut an overgrown plant on your own can hurt nearby plants. Moreover, rotten branches can fall on your driveway or property and cause damage. But tree removal experts will make arrangements for protecting other plants before cutting and removing the targeted tree.

Q: What do tree companies do?

A: Tree service companies or arborists are specialized companies that care for trees and other woody plants. They apply fertilizer, prune or trim, and monitor for insects and diseases, as well as assist in other issues including removal or transplantation when needed.

Q: What months are best for tree trimming?

A: Generally, the best time to prune or trim trees and shrubs is during the winter months. From November through March, most trees are dormant which makes it the ideal time for the following reasons: Trees are less susceptible to insects or disease.

Q: How do I choose a tree trimmer?

A: Ensure that the company in question is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. Although the BBB is not as strong as they used to be, BBB accreditation is still a good indicator of a reputable service. Also, find out what kind of rating the company has. The tree service should be in good standing with BBB.

Q: What is the difference between an arborist and a tree trimmer?

A: While both typically offer tree pruning, as well as planting and removal services, only arborists are actually trained and educated to protect tree health, and properly care for and plant trees.

Q: Why should I hire a professional tree trimmer?

A: A professional will keep people, pets, and property safe from harm during removal. Not only do you lower the risk of injuring others by hiring a professional tree care specialist, you yourself will be safe from harm. Climbing trees and operating trimming & pruning tools without proper training is a dangerous endeavor.

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